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Signs That You Might Have Lawn Pest

As a Floridian, you take pride in keeping your lawn in top condition. However there are many different kinds of pest that can damage your lawn, after putting in a ton of hard work creating your dream lawn, the last thing you want is it to be ruined by pest. Although the pest themselves are small and may be hard to see, the effects they can have on your lawn are more clearly visible. Thankfully, there are signs to lookout for when trying to determine if you may have lawn pest, and steps you can take to deal with those pest.

One of the most telling signs that you may have lawn pest is if you begin to notice large brown patches of grass start to appear, grass appearing like it would in a drought like conditions. Another place to look out for is the soil, there may be holes throughout the soil from the pest burrowing below during certain times of the day, or even from species of birds coming through to pick them out of the group. Seeing large amounts of birds and other animals on your lawn is generally a good sign that you may have lawn pest, those animals are there looking for food!

It’s also helpful to understand what type of grass attract certain kinds of pest. For example, if your lawn has St.Augstine Grass, you’re more likely to end up with Chinch Bugs. While if you have Bermuda grass, your chances of getting Sob web worms is higher. If you know what kind of pest you’re more likely to run into, you can take the necessary steps in helping prevent your lawn from getting those pest in the first place.

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