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We recognize the utter frustration that property owners inevitably experience when mosquitoes begin to breed nearby. These pests are known to transmit dozens of diseases so you will want to minimize their populations on your property. The blood-sucking flies have been around for millions of years, feeding on all kinds of mammals, including humans. There are so many different species that it’s pretty safe to say that nearly every single creature on the planet has had to deal with them in some way, shape or form. Mosquitoes are small, but the statistics indicate that the lowly and humble mosquito is actually the deadliest creature on Earth. We provide effective mosquito reduction in Southwest Florida to keep mosquitoes at a minimum on your property allowing you and your family an opportunity to better enjoy your outdoor living area.

Westfall’s organic mosquito control is not harmful to humans or pets and can be used to reduce mosquito populations around patios, porches, playgrounds, and swimming pool areas. Mosquitoes like warm, humid, weather and need to be somewhere near still water. All species of mosquitoes lay their eggs in water and some species can do so in just a cup full of water. Even a simple puddle after a rain storm can breed mosquitoes. Our mosquito control both repels and kills mosquitoes at all stages of growth so families can enjoy the outdoors without worrying. While mosquitoes themselves feed on nectar, females require blood to produce eggs. For this reason, they are nearly always on the lookout for new hosts. Mosquitoes are known for the spread of Zika virus, yellow fever, malaria, and West Nile virus, so protect your family today with our mosquito control program. One of the best ways to control mosquitoes is to prevent them from breeding. That’s why a comprehensive mosquito control program is important for your property. Although mosquitoes are famous for their feeding times during the dusk and dawn hours, during the day, they like to rest in cool, damp areas, normally areas thick with vegetation.

If you are concerned about mosquitoes around your property Call Westfall’s Pest Control! We will schedule a visit from one of our mosquito control specialists to assess your property and discuss treatment options. Call (941) 761-0125

Mosquitoes and Heartworms

Every year around April when spring starts, mosquitoes start to come out. Not only are mosquitoes a big nuisance to humans, but they can be harmful to our pets as well. Mosquitoes can carry a certain parasite that can transmit Heartworm disease to our pets. Heartworms most commonly effects dogs, but other animals can catch the disease as well. If not treated properly, Heartworms can multiple quickly and live for many years!

Heartworms do a devastating amount of damage to an animal’s organs and well-being, it is crucial to protect the animals you love by preventing the infection of Heartworms. The best way of doing this is creating a “Heartworm Prevention Plan” for your home. Talk to your vet on how you can best take preventive steps from Heartworms, after that give us a call at (941) 761-0125 so we can discuss setting up our Organic Mosquito Control program for your home.

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