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How do Flies Eat?

We’ve all dealt with annoying flies before, you have food on the dinning room table and there’s a fly that just won’t go away. You try to swat it away with your hand, move your food over onto the next counter, anything you can, but no matter what you do the fly keeps on trying to land on your food. Why is the fly so persistent on landing on your dinner? What is the fly doing on your food, is it trying to eat it? Can flies even eat human food? It looks like it’s just crawling around the surface. Turns out there’s an explanation for all these questions and observations.

When a fly does land on your food, it is landing on it to eat it. However flies have a unique way of eating food, though they do eat food through their mouths, they actually have their taste sensors on their feet. This explains why flies seem to like to crawl all over the food that they land on, when they’re doing this they are actually tasting what they’re about to eat. But how can such a small insects with such a minuscule mouth effectively eat foods sized for humans?

Flies aren’t able to eat solid foods straight up, but they do still have the ability to eat solid foods. What flies do is they spit up enzymes from their stomach directly onto the food they’ve decided to eat. Those enzymes dissolve the solid foods into a liquid, making it possible for the fly to now consume those liquids with it’s straw like mouth, pretty gross right?

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