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Different Types of Grass for Your Florida Lawn

Florida is home to some of the most beautiful lawns in the country, with some care and attention, your lawn can have bright, beautiful and healthy green grass year round! But did you know that there are many different types of grass to choose from? Different types of grass are more ideal for different kind of lawn owners. Some take more work, care and maintenance; while others are little more self sufficient. When putting together your lawn, it’s important to do some prior research on what type of grass will most suit you, so you can get the most out of your lawn. Some of the most popular grass types found in Florida are “St. Augustine”, “Bermuda”,  “Zoysia”, and “Buffalo Grass”.

St.Augustine is a very beautiful grass with thick blades and a dark green color. It loves the Florida heat and thrives in it’s tropical climate. It creates a thick carpet like coverage across lawns, making it difficult for weeds and other unwanted kinds of grass to compete for your lawn’s real estate. However St.Augustine is a fast growing grass, so it will have to be mowed more often. It also susceptible to “Chinch Bugs”, which can destroy your St.Augustine grass if they’re not dealt with.

Bermuda grass has a green/gray color to it’s short blades. It’s incredible touch, making it a popular grass for those to wish to have a lawn that require a little less maintenance. It has roots that grow deep into the ground, making it a grass that can sustain droughts, weeds, and people’s shoes! Because of it’s easy growth and durability, it’s a popular grass used with sport fields.

Zoysia grass is another popular Florida choice, and is similar to Bermuda grass. It’s a dark green grass that requires less maintenance, it’s capable of surviving against droughts and disease. Zoysia is another thick, turk life grass; making it harder for those pesky weeds to pop up. It’s able to hold up against foot traffic, which makes it a good choice for families with children who like to play in the yard.

Buffalo grass has a distinct blueish tint to it’s color, making it easily recognizable. It can take high temperatures and grow in different types of soils. It doesn’t handle shade well, so it’s better for lawns without any trees. It can require a little more maintenance, you’ll have to watch our for weeds and make sure you water it correctly. Buffalo grass also doesn’t do as well with foot traffic.

Now you know a little more about some different types of grasses we have in Florida, using this knowledge you can help pick out the perfect grass for you, and start building your dream lawn!

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