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Amazing Facts About Ants

When not being a pest in your home, ants can be pretty amazing. They’re incredibly strong for their size, they’re able to life 20 times their own body weight! All ant colonies have a “Queen” ant that like the name implies, is the head of the colony. Some queen ants are able to live for multiple years, and lay million of eggs throughout those years. In ant colonies there are “Solider” ants who are responsible for protecting the queen. If a queen dies, normally the colony ends up collapsing soon after. It’s very uncommon for a colony to find a new queen once their queen dies.

Ants are very social insects, they live together in ginormous colonies that can can consist up to millions of ants! They work together in their colony protecting their queen, babies, and finding food for the colony. They’re able to leave a natural chemical substance wherever they go, to create paths so they know where they’ve traveled. With these paths they’re able to find their way back to the colony, and even lead other ants to sources of food they’ve found and other resources. With certain species, if an ant becomes injured, another ant from the same colony will help the injured ant back to the colony, allowing it to heal from it’s injures.

Ants are truly amazing insects, it’s just unfortunate that they sometimes choose to infiltrate our homes, which dampers our feelings and thoughts towards the insect. As cool as they may be, nobody likes to see them in their home.


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